Almost the name of a local law firm. Actually, just experimenting with the WordPress picture gallery feature to see how it works.

But this definitely is a good combination. Just started using Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbooks for my journal. The paper is smooth, off white, and very fountain pen friendly. Here pictured with my Pelikan M620 with Platinum Pigment Brun Sepia through a Richard Binder .5mm cursive italic. Perfect combo. And I can also report it works as well with a Sailor 1911M Platinum Pigment Blue through a Mike Masuyama .5mm cursive italic, and a Lamy Safari with Sailor Kiwa Guro black ink and .5mm cursive ground by yours truly.

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More to come, including a real paper review.


P.S. Looking at the slideshow gallery… why so small? I hate having to figure out another blog just because Posterous sold out to Twitter… Really irritating…


Just moved this blog ( here in anticipation of Posterous’ announced demise on April 30, 2013. I just wanted to make this first post on the “new” blog to say, “Posterous, you suck!”



Just updating my earlier compilation of pen holds in paintings with this one: a self portrait by and of Agnolo Bronzino (1503 – 1572). I noted the “pen” was not a quill, and on close inspection, is a brush! Of course, this artists has portrayed himself writing with a brush! In any case another tripod grip perhaps a bit higher up on the mid finger than most. 



Oh well. My friend at the pen club gave me a sample of Montblanc’s iron gall blue-black, the one that’s been discontinued. How cruel is that? Hard to photograph something so deep and almost black or grey. I didn’t succeed here but the Instagram was getting some love so there.

It flows much better than my “other” iron gall ink, Rohrer & Klingner Salix, and is a deeper in hue (and personality?). 

It seems that iron gall inks are being discontinued. Why is that? I have a couple more refills before I have to… face reality.



I actually wrote that on a sticky but not very neatly so I thought I’d just rewrite it on another sticky and post it as a Monday Mindgame on Instagram. So I wrote that sticky dozens of times. Gotta be more Zen and just go with the perfect imperfection of the original. Next time.


Taken at Doug’s Desk


I really shouldnʻt be buying pens, but when I saw a Charcoal Safari for $22 (including shipping!) on Amazon I had to push the button. I have a bunch of Al-Stars, and the transparent Vista, but no Safari proper. Very pleasantly surprised at the Charcoal finish. Love the look and feel. I pulled the black F nib and put on a stainless F. For some reason I have tons of Lamy nibs. Anyway, I ground it down to a very fine cursive italic. The whole thing works perfectly and Iʻm pleased with myself for once!

I took some pics for an Instagram #DailyArsenal post and here they are. The last pic is the Instagram.



Taken at Doug’s Desk



So I was at a pastry place called JJ’s (I think) near 9th Ave in Kaimuki. Walking back to my car I noticed… an alley. I though the zoning code got rid of such things. This one was barely wide enough to get my skinny body into and I did walk all the way to the end to peer through the windows. The opium parlor and tattoo place weren’t operating, and the zombies hadn’t yet come out on account of the sun being out. But I took a coupla shots and turned them into Instagrams.

Everyone should have Instagram. I have a tumblr of my Instagrams at I forgot the html to make the link here. I post here at posterous in full contemplation of it disappearing overnight since Twitter bought it. Oh well…