I used to change pen and ink color in my journal every day to make it easier to see the different days when I went back to look for something. But it takes me a while to get used a particular pen and ink so what I started doing is sticking with a particular pen (and ink) for days at a time. I find I gain a greater “fluency” with the pen.

So since December 22, 2010, I’ve only used the three M2XX Pelikans. The 200 is very light and that used to keep me from establishing a “rhythm” and that still may be the case.

This also means that my other pens are sitting around distilling their inks into philosopher’s stones so I’ll have to get to that. I guess I don’t need more than a pen or two.

The journal is the same bright yellow Kunst & Papier A4 journal that I’m beginning to like. I’d like for the paper to be smoother, but I don’t want to whine either.

I’ve posted at a fairly low resolution so you can’t actually read the entries clearly. There’s not much extremely embarrassing in the writing. The choicest sentence being my writing about a friend, “…He doesn’t post at the network with the same frequency as he did and neither with the same pungency but divorce, like all good things, must come to an end.” [This also shows that my journal writing follows its own rules which I make up as I go along.]

12/19/10 – 1/2/11: M215 orthogon, Binder .5mm cursive italic, Noodler’s Swisher Pens Gulf Stream Blue

1/2/11 – 1/11/11: M200 amber, Binder .5mm cursive italic, Noodler’s Fountain Pen Network Galileo Manuscript Brown

1/12/11: M200 anthracite, Binder .5mm cursive italic, Noodler’s Kung Te-Cheng