This is more like a weekly arsenal because I’ve been sticking with one pen for many days. The positive is that I gain a greater ease and fluency with the instrument, but on the downside, it’s harder for me to tell where one day starts and the next begins. Of course, I’ve tried using the same model pens with different inks, but the really interesting thing is that inks impart their own influence on the dynamics involved. Either that or I am being subconsciously incredibly prissy which I will deny completely, and so will whatever 12 year old girl that I keep locked inside of me. I’m joking. Really.

Paper is the same Kunst und Papier hardbound A4 sketchbook. The paper is so so, but I like this volume’s bright yellow cover. It’s a happy color. I have blue, black, grey coming up. I also switch out volume colors. Each volume will last me between 49 to 85 days depending on how much I write.

P.S. Yes, I misspelled the last hashtag (#DailyyArsenal) but I figured it wasn’t that important to correct and resend…