I am becoming seriously monogamous with my Pelikan M215 (Binder .5mm cursive italic, Swisher Pens Noodler’s Gulf Stream Blue). It’s also my pen and ink combo of choice when I write postcards because of the way it handles card stock.

I reached the last page of my bright, happy-yellow Kunst & Papier sketchbook that I use as a journal. That volume covered the 54 days and when it ran out of empty pages yesterday, I started a deep blue K&P.

I started keeping a handwritten journal five years ago and have rarely missed a daily entry. I was an early adopter of writing on a computer and from the early 80’s up until my starting to keep a handwritten journal I did all my writing by keyboard. When I started writing by hand again, I could hardly write a coherent sentence. It was as though writing by hand were a completely different cognitive activity. Well, it just may be.

Here’s a longish paper ,“The Phenomenology of Writing by Hand,” by Daniel Chandler, a professor of language and media at the University of Wales. He investigates and tries to define the extremes of the writing continuum with handwriting “discoverers” on one end, and keyboard “planners” on the other.

I now use writing by hand as a tool for the discovery that Chandler describes. I will neither make nor tolerate any comments about old dogs and tricks.