I am working on a personal project that has me making handwritten entries into a journal and I’ve been writing on the right page and leaving the left page blank for editions, comments, corrections, etc.  But that’s what the wide margins were for in medieval documents.  That’s what paleographer Dianne Tillotson says anyway.  I found reference to medieval canons of page layout and then a very cool short video on Youtube that showed you how to create the Van de Graaf or secret canon.  Using this process replicates the proportions of page layouts used in many medieval books.

As a test, I created a couple of templates and pencilled boxes on the next two pages of my journal.  My handwriting decided to desert me, but I figured it was okay because I was just testing the look.  So here are two pages of utterly trivial writing (I had a tuna sandwich for lunch) in bad handwriting that tests the look of things.  

I think I may use this layout for my project, but I’m going to think about it for a while.