…a Uni “Kuru Toga”.5mm mechanical pencil.  Lifting and setting the lead down actuates a ratchet mechanism that turns the lead a fraction.  This keeps the lead a proper conical shape.  I don’t notice the actual ratcheting at all since I’m not that much of a mechanical pencil aficionado, but I love the ingenuity of the concept.  I got it at JetPens where I notice it’s only $6.91 at the moment.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ve been experimenting with medieval page layouts for a project and practicing by using it for my personal journal.  I reached the end of one Kunst & Papier (sketchbook) journal so opened up a new one (crumhorn fanfare goes here) and boxed in a few pages using the Villard de Honnencourt system which divides width and height into twelfths.  Here’s a great post on The Secret Law of Page Harmony at Retinart.

Putting journal entries into these boxes makes then look nice, but I feel the pressure to upgrade the style and content of the entries.  Here’s a typical entry: “Lunch today was instant miso soup made with one Mishima and one Kikkoman, tofu, and brown rice.”  I’m feeling the need to reference the motion of Jupiter’s moons or something…

Also in today’s arsenal is a ruler I bought at Longs.  It’s the same kind of ruler mom would buy me when I was a kid and I would lose instantly.  I’ve had this one for around 10 years now.  I wish mom were still around so she could be proud of me.