As you can see, Platinum of Japan has resisted — one could even say defied — the current trend of putting inks into stunning bottles and labeling them with long poetic names.  I’m thinking of the new Pelikan Edelstein series and their utterly beautiful glassware, J. Herbin inks with cool names like, “Eclat de Saphir,” and “Poussiere de Lune;” and of course, the Pilot/Namiki Iro-shizuku line and their “Tsuyu-kusa” etc.  In this case, we have a rather squat bottle (which I think is supposed to look like something but I am too far culturally removed to even guess) simply, if inelegantly labeled “Pigment Ink.”  

This is a new waterproof pigment ink that both Platinum and Sailor have started producing recently.  I tried a sample of both brands’ blues (from Goulet Pens).  Sailor calls theirs “Sei Boku” and is a nice dark blue-black with shades of green.  I didn’t want any hint of green because most of my Noodler’s blues have a lot of green in them. This Platinum Pigment Blue in a wet pen is almost a purple/violet.  No hint of green. At all.  Yay!  I’ve put it in a couple of pens and I’m using it in a Pilot Fermo here.

By the way, you can see the guidesheet I use for this format under the page.  Anyway, it’s a good Blue Monday to start the week and no doubt it’ll be a Blue Tuesday too.