In my post of December 26, 2010, I presented 9 paintings with writer showing pen (quill except for one reed) holds dated from 1523 to 1680.  I just came upon some later paintings and what’s interesting is that the pen holds seem to have changed slightly.  For one, the inclination of the pen seems shallower, and the pointing finger seems more extended (rather than curved).  Of course, four paintings isn’t much of a sample so I guess I can’t really make a statement about pen holds.  But it is interesting to see how painting itself changed.  Once photography claimed realistic representation for itself, painters got a chance to have some fun.  So I guess we can just look at the pics and enjoy the painting, eh?

From left to right: Thomas Eakins 1882; Gustave Caillebotte 1885; Jean Beraud 1908; and Theo Van Rysselberghe 1915.