I put down the Pelikan M605 Iʻd been using since June 23 when I got a new ink in the mail: Platinumʻs “Pigment Brun Sepia.”  I filled the M605ʻs form factor clone, the M620 Grand Place (Binder .5mm cursive italic) and started writing.  The ink is also a clone of the Platinum Pigment Blue I was using in the M605, at least in terms of it being a nano particle permanent ink.  It feels the same, and itʻs also very well behaved.  A very friendly and dignified brown without the red FPN Noodlerʻs Galileo Manuscript Brown, or the purple of the first batch of Noodlerʻs Nakahama Manjiro Whalemanʻs Sepia.  I like those inks, but itʻs going to be Pigment Brun Sepia for a while.

The M620 Grand Place is my most overtly “ornate” pen.  Itʻs almost girly.  But my excuse is that the 600 series is a perfect fit for my hand and I got the pen really cheap.  I secretly enjoy its ornate girliness, but donʻt tell anyone, okay?