I’m still using Kunst & Papier sketchbooks as journals, but moved from the Efalin 100 (or so) pagers to the less expensive Binderboard versions. Same paper, but 148 pages. The last such lasted quite a few months but I got to the last page today. So I busted out another (which I bought years ago when they were only $16). I box each page according to the formula left by 13th century architect Villard de Honnecourt. A line between the diagonal corners of the page also go through the diagonal corners of the text box. The bottom margin is twice the width of the top margin, and the outside margin is twice the width of the inside margin. One can make it in different sizes and I use one with more text area than margin because I’m not doing this to waste paper.

I guess I’m doing it to destroy white space in an orderly way. With words. 

Anyway, took a pic and Instagrammed it so here is one photo and one Instagram for you.