Thatsʻs kind of an incoherent heading. Anyway, some pics that I took to turn one into the Instagram #DailyArsenal post. I think I captioned it thus, “Like Snow White in her coffin, fragile, beautiful, and responsive to the right touch.” And now Iʻm wondering if people are familiar with Snow White being in a glass coffin until the Prince kissed her. I know if from the Disney cartoon movie of my youth.

I donʻt know whatʻs going to happen to my Posterous postings now that Twitter has acquired them. Like everything in life, I guess you have to appreciate things when theyʻre going off.

Somewhat related: I recently started a tumblr of my Instagram postings, hdoug.tumblr.com

Digital media, how ephemeral! To pen and paper for me. For the moment, anyway…