Almost the name of a local law firm. Actually, just experimenting with the WordPress picture gallery feature to see how it works.

But this definitely is a good combination. Just started using Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbooks for my journal. The paper is smooth, off white, and very fountain pen friendly. Here pictured with my Pelikan M620 with Platinum Pigment Brun Sepia through a Richard Binder .5mm cursive italic. Perfect combo. And I can also report it works as well with a Sailor 1911M Platinum Pigment Blue through a Mike Masuyama .5mm cursive italic, and a Lamy Safari with Sailor Kiwa Guro black ink and .5mm cursive ground by yours truly.

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More to come, including a real paper review.


P.S. Looking at the slideshow gallery… why so small? I hate having to figure out another blog just because Posterous sold out to Twitter… Really irritating…